MerchantWords: A Detailed Review

In the rapidly advancing arena of e-Commerce, the MerchantWords program is one of the latest Amazon research tools that is becoming increasingly popular due to the amazing features of the MerchantWords tool. Basically, MerchantWords is the ultimate e-Personal Assistant that helps rank products of your choice from Amazon’s top search list. In this particular Merchant Words review, we will assist FBA sellers in understanding why MerchantWords is the go-to technology as regards finding the right buyers for the kind of items you are potentially interested in by simply tweaking the keyword strategy.

What Is Merchantwords?

MerchantWords  is a highly efficient tool for FBA sellers on Amazon. This is an Amazon Keyword Research Tool that is extremely helpful for ranking products at the top positions of Amazon’s searching results. By design, MerchantWords assists its users in the process of trying to understand exhaustively what a large number of potential customers on Amazon are searching for. With the help of this advanced tool, you are guaranteed to quickly locate the right buyers for your products, create unique product ideas and enhance the visibility of your products.

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords offers three basic and affordable packages that users can choose from. The packages are subdivided into; the silver which costs $29 per month and $290 per annum, Gold which Goes at the rate of $79/month and $790/ annum and Platinum, the cream of MerchantWord, at the rate of $149/month and $1490/year. These three differ mostly based on the range of amazon data required, keyword collections, and monthly searches. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.Subscribing to any of these packages will give you a discount extending over a period of up to 2 free months when you subscribe annually.

MerchantWords Services

MerchantWords offers a wide array of services to help you boost your product reach and visibility to Amazon buyers, and the next few paragraphs shall be dedicated to expounding upon the nature of these services.

Listing Advisor

With the Listing Advisor, one can easily access those listings with keyword-optimized titles, texts and HTML descriptions, keyword bundles, etc. This is, however, a thoroughly distinct service that is separate from those included in the monthly fee. The Listing Advisor feature on the website can be unlocked with an opening cost of $300 for a single parent ASIN listing optimization.


The keyword collections can be used to set up and save lists based on the user’s search options, thereby providing multiple alternatives and creative ways to name products.

Creating collections on MerchantWords can be done in two major ways.

First, the collections can be created by selecting the Collections option the toolbar on the left side. This way, all you have to do is input the name of your collection and click on ADD to add your keywords.

The second way to create your collections is through the Keyword Research tool. You can create your collection if you’re already using the Keyword Research Tool by clicking on the plus (+) sign in the left column of your search results. Select the Create button after you’ve named your collection and you’re ready to fly!

Classic Search

The MerchantWords Classic Search tool is the authentic search tool for the MerchantWords program. With this tool, users can make and discover new keywords. This tool comes with a plus. You can also see the extent of each keyword’s category and depth.

The classic search tool helps MerchantWords users understand the presence and availability of the vast sea of alternatives which could potentially assist them in generating a whole new product idea based on the number of unique searches on the Amazon website.

Keyword Multiplier

A relatively easy tool to use, this tool was introduced by MerchantWords so that potential sellers can easily generate similar keywords within a few seconds. All one need do is to enter a keyword and voila! It displays many words that are synonymous with your search inquiry. From this array of choices, you can select the most creative ideas you find appealing. This tool is extremely effective for the generation of product ideas.

Page 1 Search Results

Let us assume that an individual carries out a search for a product on the Amazon store, and the first page it displays shows the top sellers and products in the online market. As a seller, it doesn’t get any better than this as this is the perfect tool to scout the competition. Also, as a buyer, page 1 search results provide pricing, other buyer reviews, and ratings for the best products and items in the market.


The ASIN Plus feature on MerchantWords makes use of a reversed approach system to gather all the top-ranking keyword data. The supply data is generated straight from the Amazon website to analyze the niche’s competition.

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords has done an amazing job by helping Amazon users adopt the concept of using keywords. They can now make more efficient keyword searches in a faster and more profitable manner. However, although most users complain that the tool is quite expensive from the start, MerchantWords definitely provides its money’s worth to the Amazon seller.


Is My Information Safe?

MerchantWords has been in operation since 2012. The website states that all of the user data collected is stored in the MerchantWords’ system’s database. However, the official guide says nothing about security protocols or data encryption in case of leaks or hacks. This might be quite a concern if cyber-attacks happen.

Will MerchantWords Give me a Free Trial?

The MerchantWords program does not offer its users a free trial package. However, you could be awarded a 2-month free bonus when you purchase an annual bundle.

Is MerchantWords Reliable?

MerchantWords offers some creative insights into FBA selling on Amazon. Its keyword features are pretty amazing and are entirely its money’s worth.