MerchantWords: A Detailed Review

In the rapidly advancing arena of e-Commerce, the MerchantWords program is one of the latest Amazon research tools that is becoming increasingly popular due to the amazing features of the MerchantWords tool. Basically, MerchantWords is the ultimate e-Personal Assistant that helps rank products of your choice from Amazon’s top search list for example, books. Books is the huge Amazon niche. This niche contains a lot of money for Amazon sellers. If you want to make money on book sales and to know more about selling new books on Amazon or selling used books on Amazon IO Scout provide a great guide. There are a lot of information about how to sell books on Amazon, conditions of the new textbooks, used textbooks. In this particular Merchant Words review, we will assist FBA sellers in understanding why MerchantWords is the go-to technology as regards finding the right buyers for the kind of items you are potentially interested in by simply tweaking the keyword strategy.

What Is Merchantwords?

MerchantWords  is a highly efficient tool for FBA sellers on Amazon. This is an Amazon Keyword Research Tool that is extremely helpful for ranking products at the top positions of Amazon’s searching results. By design, MerchantWords assists its users in the process of trying to understand exhaustively what a large number of potential customers on Amazon are searching for. With the help of this advanced tool, you are guaranteed to quickly locate the right buyers for your products, create unique product ideas and enhance the visibility of your products.

MerchantWords Pricing

MerchantWords offers three basic and affordable packages that users can choose from. The packages are subdivided into; the silver which costs $29 per month and $290 per annum, Gold which Goes at the rate of $79/month and $790/ annum and Platinum, the cream of MerchantWord, at the rate of $149/month and $1490/year. These three differ mostly based on the range of amazon data required, keyword collections, and monthly searches. Subscribing to any of these packages will give you a discount extending over a period of up to 2 free months when you subscribe annually.

MerchantWords Services

MerchantWords offers a wide array of services to help you boost your product reach and visibility to Amazon buyers, and the next few paragraphs shall be dedicated to expounding upon the nature of these services.

Listing Advisor

With the Listing Advisor, one can easily access those listings with keyword-optimized titles, texts and HTML descriptions, keyword bundles, etc. This is, however, a thoroughly distinct service that is separate from those included in the monthly fee. The Listing Advisor feature on the website can be unlocked with an opening cost of $300 for a single parent ASIN listing optimization.


The keyword collections can be used to set up and save lists based on the user’s search options, thereby providing multiple alternatives and creative ways to name products.

Creating collections on MerchantWords can be done in two major ways.

First, the collections can be created by selecting the Collections option the toolbar on the left side. This way, all you have to do is input the name of your collection and click on ADD to add your keywords.

The second way to create your collections is through the Keyword Research tool. You can create your collection if you’re already using the Keyword Research Tool by clicking on the plus (+) sign in the left column of your search results. Select the Create button after you’ve named your collection and you’re ready to fly!

Classic Search

The MerchantWords Classic Search tool is the authentic search tool for the MerchantWords program. With this tool, users can make and discover new keywords. This tool comes with a plus. You can also see the extent of each keyword’s category and depth.

The classic search tool helps MerchantWords users understand the presence and availability of the vast sea of alternatives which could potentially assist them in generating a whole new product idea based on the number of unique searches on the Amazon website.

Keyword Multiplier

A relatively easy tool to use, this tool was introduced by MerchantWords so that potential sellers can easily generate similar keywords within a few seconds. All one need do is to enter a keyword and voila! It displays many words that are synonymous with your search inquiry. From this array of choices, you can select the most creative ideas you find appealing. This tool is extremely effective for the generation of product ideas.

Page 1 Search Results

Let us assume that an individual carries out a search for a product on the Amazon store, and the first page it displays shows the top sellers and products in the online market. As a seller, it doesn’t get any better than this as this is the perfect tool to scout the competition. Also, as a buyer, page 1 search results provide pricing, other buyer reviews, and ratings for the best products and items in the market.


The ASIN Plus feature on MerchantWords makes use of a reversed approach system to gather all the top-ranking keyword data. The supply data is generated straight from the Amazon website to analyze the niche’s competition.

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords has done an amazing job by helping Amazon users adopt the concept of using keywords. They can now make more efficient keyword searches in a faster and more profitable manner. However, although most users complain that the tool is quite expensive from the start, MerchantWords definitely provides its money’s worth to the Amazon seller.


Is My Information Safe?

MerchantWords has been in operation since 2012. The website states that all of the user data collected is stored in the MerchantWords’ system’s database. However, the official guide says nothing about security protocols or data encryption in case of leaks or hacks. This might be quite a concern if cyber-attacks happen.

Will MerchantWords Give me a Free Trial?

The MerchantWords program does not offer its users a free trial package. However, you could be awarded a 2-month free bonus when you purchase an annual bundle.

Is MerchantWords Reliable?

MerchantWords offers some creative insights into FBA selling on Amazon. Its keyword features are pretty amazing and are entirely its money’s worth.


Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, Amazon is such a large marketplace of products. Daily, exchanges are going on in one way or the other on the platform. So much so that people are spending and earning millions of dollars in purchase and sales. If you consider the sheer number and diversity of products and goods available, you will realize that Amazon is, in a way, jungle.

This jungle has something for practically everyone. However, sometimes, finding that something can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a seller looking for data/information. That is why  Amazon product research  is important.

The knowledge you get from your research is useful for you as a seller in determining which product to invest in for sales. Unfortunately, going through the process of researching by yourself is next to impossible. You need an Amazon research tool that has useful data for just that purpose.

What are the best product research and finder tools on Amazon?

In that particular industry, several brands are offering the same/similar services. Inevitably, some provide a better quality of service than others. Some of them offer their services for free, and some require a premium before you can gain access. In this article, we would be listing out the top three each of the best paid and free Amazon product research  and finder tools.

Top paid Amazon product research tools

1. IO Scout

Number one on our list of the best paid Amazon product research tools is IO Scout. It has a database of over 120 million products for you to conduct your research. It is an excellent choice if you are looking to track products accurately, get a detailed history of the trends of those products, and whatnot. So much so that over 30,000 people use this platform.

It has three plans:

  • Start-up  is priced at $29 per month. It gives you access to their full database, infinite researches, 25 tracker products, two connectable devices, five thousand export rows, and all-week support.
  • Seller comes at a reasonable price of $49 per month. Asides all the regular features of the previous plan, it has 45000 tracker products, three extra connectable devices, an extension for Chrome, and 5000 more export rows.
  • Business is $69 monthly. It has all the features of Seller with a few upgrades. They are 20000 export rows, 85 tracker products, and ten connectable devices.

In addition to all of these, it has a free trial. 

2. JungleScout

JungleScout is another excellent  Amazon product research  tool. It offers myriads of services ranging from product research and provision of analyses, among other things. In addition to helping you conduct proper product research, it enables you to launch your product. That is, after making your decision on which product you want to sell, you can get help launching the product on its platform.

You can choose to either pay monthly or yearly. The yearly plan is a lot more economical as you get to save up to 50%. The plans are:

  • Extension: It comes at a steady price of $19 per month and comes to a total of $228 yearly.
  • JungleScout: The cost of acquiring this is $39 per month and a cumulative $468 annually.
  • JungleScout and Extension: The most costly plan of them all combining the features of the first two plans comes at $49 monthly. Per year, you would pay $588.

If these seem a bit pricey for you, JungleScout has a money-back guarantee that lasts for fourteen days.

3. Helium 10

Helium 10 is the third and final on our list of the best paid Amazon product research  tools. It has multiple features to ensure accuracy and correctness in your product research. They each have their specific nomenclature like Cerebro, Scribbles, X-ray, etc.

The prices are fair, and they come in three plans:

  • Platinum:  This costs $97 per month and accumulates to $970 per year.
  • Diamond:  This plan charges you $197 monthly and $1970 yearly.
  • Elite:  Monthly, you have to pay $397, and the price is the same for the year.

These prices might seem a bit steep if you are looking to save a couple of bucks. However, they have a completely free plan. It dumbs down your prices but costs literally no money at all. 

Top free Amazon product research tools

1. CamelCamelCamel

Even though it is free, CamelCamelCamel still has several million choices for you to choose from if you want to conduct Amazon product research.

2. Keepa

Keepa is another popular and world-renowned tool for doing an  Amazon product search. It has a premium version that offers relatively better services. However, it is still mostly free. All you essentially need to do to use this tool is to register on their platform.

3. AMZ Base

AMZ Base comes in at number three with its own  Amazon market research tools. Even though it’s free, it is still one of the best Amazon tools. It can conduct an ASIN search, provide accurate data on millions of products, and is very easy to use as well.

Final thoughts 

Before you go into any kind of market on Amazon, you must understand what you’re getting yourself into fully. This article has essentially helped you find tools that can help you get an understanding of the products through analyses and whatnot.


Why is Amazon product research important?

Among other things, it helps you understand the trends a product follows. It shows you how customers react to it, and with these data, you can tailor your product specifically to what customers want or need. 

What can you do with Amazon product finder tools?

You can find profitable niches and products with relative ease. Asides that, you can monitor the activities of your competition over a particular period. There are many other things you can do with Amazon product finder tools, as they are very useful.